GraveConcerns is an arm of the Greenback Historical Society that clears and maintains local family cemeteries and graveyards that no longer have a church.  Some of these family cemeteries are behind TVA gates or on private property, and are assessable only by an arranged guided tour.  These are Blankenship, Douthit, McCollum, Rollins, and Wear.   


Sinking Creek and Niles-McGhee (St. Andrews) are two that outlasted their churches. Work at Howard Public in Monroe County was started, but is waiting to be adopted by the members of the new, nearby church.  


 We're always interested in area cemeteries and willing to lend a hand as needed.  One example is the McCall Cemetery in Knox County.  It is the location of the ancestors of the Ragain family. 


Recently, we have assisted Hackney Chapel Cemetery caretakers in Unitia.  GraveConcerns, also, mows the National Campground throughout the summer so visitors may enjoy it year-round.  The Ebenezer Cemetery on the county line was cataloged for Find-A-Grave by GraveConcerns.


Headstone repairs have been done in Axley’s Chapel, Bingham, Pine Grove, Tipton, Union Fork Creek, and Morganton as requested by family members.


GraveConcerns founders are Lanny and Anita McCollum.  Special thanks to Brad and Teresa Mullins, Bob Ragain, Colleen Ragain, and Chita Tipton for helping out as needed.  Also, thank you to those who have supported our efforts with monetary gifts, which go toward equipment and fuel costs.


This group discovers and investigates cemeteries throughout several nearby counties.  These cemeteries help us identify the location of the pioneer settlements of our ancestors.  These discoveries often support the club's genealogy research.  So much can be learned from these historical stone gardens.  Let's all work to keep them respectfully preserved.